Special Projects

Air Conditioning

Restroom Amenities

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Following years of concern about the condition and adequacy of the Club's toilet amenities,
the wait is finally over with the $200,000 upgrade recently completed.

* New and increased numbers of male and female toilets
* Unisex disabled toilet facility
* External ramp access to above amenities now complements internal access
* Extra unisex toilet with external access only
* Upper landing and stairs to be replaced
* Upgraded ground level access and improved stormwater drainage
* Previous male amenities refurbished for reuse as new storage facility


This project would not have been possible without the financial assistance of the following government authorities

          Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund

          Gambling Community Benefit Fund

          Sunshine Coast Council

          State Government - Department of Sport

        Sunshine Coast Councillor Greg Rogerson

The Nambour Bowls Club and its members duly acknowledge the encouragement and support that each agency has offered in the interests of the sport, the Club and the wider community for this capital intensive and vital improvement project.

Facility Improvements

Over the past decade, the Club has embarked on an ambitious plan to upgrade amenities which had become tired looking, outdated, inadequate or inefficient to maintain and operate. Faced with significant financial costs for many of the key projects, the Club has worked tirelessly and quite successfully to secure external funding assistance for these works.

Some of the major projects which have been successfully completed thus far are :-

1. Re-roofing and ceiling insulation of the clubhouse plus the installation of an automatic irrigation system incorporating two large underground tanks for the storage of rain and bore water
2. Major improvements to the concrete steps and ramp outside the bar area
3. Upgrading of the ditches on both bowling greens
4. The upstairs timber dance floor has been upgraded along with the kitchen flooring. New energy efficient lighting and ceiling fans were installed and the entire upper level repainted. A large screen television unit with DVD facilities has been mounted upstairs where it is intended to serve primarily for coaching and training purposes as well as for other groups wishing to conduct business seminars and meetings. 
5. Access between the lower and upper levels of the clubhouse has been improved for those with a disability following the installation of a motorised stairlift
6. A 10kw solar system is now in place and operational with the final stage plus solar hot water awaiting funding.
7. Total rebuild of the toilet amenities providing modern and additional male and female facilities plus provision for disabled persons. External ramp access to all amenities is a feature of the new design.
8. The upstairs landing and external stairs near the kitchen have been replaced and now incorporate much more suitable features.
9. A major upgrade of the stormwater drainage system at ground level is expected to alleviate flash flooding of the clubhouse ground floor caused by heavy rains.