Playing Schedule

The responsibility for scheduling and management of all games and competitions is vested with the Club’s Games Committee which comprises the respective Mens’ and Ladies’ Games Directors as well as other representatives from both Men’s and Ladies’ Sections. 

Regular Program 2019

The regular bowls program revolves around the following timetable with start times for games marked # commencing 30 minutes earlier during certain periods of the year eg Winter and Super Challenge. All details should be confirmed when nominating for the respective games.


Thursday Ladies Day with Men welcome 8.30am
Tuesday (Sept - May) Night Bowls Club selected pairs (or triples) 6.00pm
Wednesday Open Pairs (may be Triples during greens maintenance) 12:30pm
Thursday Teachers Club (during school terms) 3pm
Friday Practice and Coaching, barefoot bowls 1pm onwards
Saturday Mufti Open Pairs 8:30am

Over 60s Mens Fours

Fifth Tuesday Mens Fours 1pm

This event is played at local hinterland clubs each month with the venue changing from month to month on a rotational basis. Games scheduled for Nambour Bowls Club are as follows:

January 29
Apr 30
July 30
October 29

External Group Days

Maroochy RSL Bowls Group play 10am - 3pm on the following Mondays:

January 28, February 18, March 25, April 8 & 22, July 22, September 23, October 14, December 2

Southerners Group, consisting mainly of bowlers from NSW and Victoria, play as a group on Tuesdays and Fridays from mid June to mid August starting at 11am.

Annual Calendar

The following calendar provides an overview of all events planned for the 2019 year. Please check the details on the Club noticeboard when lodging your nomination or seek clarification where necessary.  Visitors are asked to provide a contact number when completing their nomination. Enquiries may be lodged in person or by telephone.

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For the 2019 calendar click on the following link:-

2019 Calendar.pdf prepared 30th April 2019

For the latest SCDMBA 2019 calendar (Version 1) click on the following link:-

2019 SCDMBA Calendar.pdf

For the latest SCDLBA 2019 calendar click on the following link:-

2019 SCDLBA Calendar.pdf

Night Bowls

During the warmer months from September/October to April, the Club offers a night bowls program which appeals to those seeking some relief from the heat of the day or a break from the usual 9-5 workday and grand-parenting duties. The excellent lighting on both greens allows for an uninterrupted program. One night of the week is usually allocated for social or beginner bowls. At present, Tuesday night social bowls starts at 6:00pm and finishes approx 9:00pm.

One night of the week is usually allocated for social or beginner bowls.  Other team based competitions are conducted over a number of consecutive weeks, usually 6-8 weeks. While some of these competitions involve individual nominations eg Open Pairs, the 2019 Cullen Shield is an exciting team based inter-club challenge played Sep/October.

Another interclub competition is the District based Night Pennant series conducted on the usual Pennants format but with a composite Mens and Ladies team.

Please contact the club for further information about Night Bowls.