Government Support

Major Maintenance and Facility Improvement Projects

As a small club with limited capacity to generate sufficient capital for major maintenance and improvement projects, the Club has received excellent support through successful funding grants from various government agencies over the past few years.

The Nambour Bowls Club is indebted to the following organisations and gratefully acknowledges their contribution towards the exciting major initiatives outlined below.



Finally after many years battling summer heatwave conditions, the time has come to celebrate by chilling out at the Nambour Bowls Club. For more than 60 years, the clubhouse served members and guests well with a reliance on fans to maintain a comfortable environment inside the building. All that changed early in 2019 with the completion of a major air conditioning installation which delivered the following facilities :-
Upper Level (Dance & Kitchen Areas) >> Ducted System
Upper Level (Dining Area) >> Under Ceiling Split Unit
Lower Level (Bar Area) >> Under Ceiling Split Unit 
Lower Level (Central Area) >> Under Ceiling Split Unit 

This project also included the installation of additional solar power equipment and was made possible through successful co-funding applications with the following government based organisations.


The Club especially acknowledges the encouragement and support offered by Sunshine Coast Councillor Greg Rogerson for this and many other important community and sporting projects in the local region.

Major funding for the new amenities was approved by Sunshine Coast Council through the Major Grant Community Facilities program and Councillor Discretionary Fund while the Queensland Government's Gambling Community Benefit Fund also endorsed a significant contribution.   


A staged project primarily aimed at a complete overhaul of the very old and inadequate restroom facilities. The work entailed complete demolition of the female toilets and restroom followed by the construction of new co-located male, female, unisex ambulant and disabled toilet amenities.  External ramp access was included along with refurbishment of the old male amenities block for storage purposes. The timber landing and stairs servicing the upper level kitchen/dining area was replaced, access improved and a major upgrade of the stormwater network undertaken to address flooding problems.

Queensland Government


Successful part funding applications dating back to 2014 from the agencies listed below addressed specific elements of the overall project and provided the catalyst for major funding approval under the above Department's "Get Playing Places and Spaces" program. Queensland Government funding support embraced the entire project due to the complexity and high costs associated with the four month construction exercise. The various collages which appear below provide an insight into the complexity and extent of this project.


Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund

Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund approved funding to be directed towards the male and disabled toilet amenities. The following collage provides a visual insight into the work associated with this element of the overall project and a glimpse of the amazing transformation.

Gambling Community Benefit Fund

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund endorsed its support for the upgrade of the female restroom amenities. The following collage provides a visual insight into the work associated with this element of the overall project and a glimpse of the amazing transformation.

Sunshine Coast Council

SS Council logo JPG
Sunshine Coast Council demonstrated its support for this important community project through two different grants. Councillor Greg Rogerson was one of the first on the scene when the Club was seeking direction and solutions to the long standing problem. Financial support through the Councillor's Discretionary Fund which kick started the planning and funding exercise was followed by a successful Major Grant, both targeting the refurbishment of the old male amenities for storage purposes and the replacement of the external landing and stairs.  The following collage provides a visual insight into the work associated with this element of the overall project and a glimpse of the amazing transformation.


A staged project with the purpose of reducing spiraling water charges by delivering a self sustainable irrigation network involving the re-roofing of the clubhouse, installation of underground water storage tanks, water bore and an automatic irrigation system.

Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Financial support directed towards the re-roofing of the clubhouse plus the installation of ceiling insulation and whirly birds to improve comfort levels for patrons during the warmer months. (2010)


Sunshine Coast Council

SS Council logo JPG

Funds directed towards the supply and installation of two 23000 litre underground water storage tanks. (2011)

Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund

Critical funding to cover the installation of the water bore, automatic irrigation system and network servicing the two bowling greens. (2012)



Nambour Bowls Club has turned another big corner in 2019 with the support of the Queensland Government's "Get Going" Grants program which enables Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.  Funding assistance has enabled the Club to purchase a superb new mower to keep its great natural grass greens in even better condition year round for the enjoyment of all lawn bowlers. The new variable speed unit cuts and grooms the green in one action and is extra quiet.  With no clutch or gearbox, the mower will be of low maintenance and prove a great asset to the Club and its green keeper well into the future. 

SS Council logo JPG

1. Provide motorised Stairlift to cover the 16 internal steps between the ground floor and upper level of the clubhouse (2013)

2. Upgrade dance floor and upstairs dining/entertainment area (2012)


SS Coast Logo JPG
Community Partnership Funding Program 2017/18

Nambour Bowls Club acknowledges the ongoing and continuous support of Sunshine Coast Council since 2011/12 under its Community Partnership Funding Program. Funding assistance under this program helps reduce the cost pressures on the Club and its members by reducing the financial burden imposed by the ever increasing cost of essential services such as insurance, electricity, rates and water/sewerage charges.

This Sunshine Coast Council initiative enables the Club to minimise the cost of participation and to maintain its overall facilities and amenities to a high standard within the broader community. Major improvements like the 2016 Toilet Amenities Upgrade and Air Conditioning of the Clubhouse in early 2019, which were partly funded under Council's Grants Program, also contribute greatly towards maintaining the Club's life long community service objectives.

Get in the Game "Get Going"

Under the "Get Going" funding program offered by the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing in 2014, the Club was successful in securing funds intended to help sporting clubs like the Nambour Bowls Club to grow. While additional bowls equipment was acquired through the program, other major benefits included accreditation of new coaches and measurers, membership marketing, increased public awareness and new sporting programs. (2014)

Flood Recovery Projects

The Nambour Bowls Club was delighted to receive the generous financial support from the following two organisations towards the cost of repairing and replacing furniture, appliances and other items damaged and/or destroyed during major flooding of the clubhouse on Australia Day in January 2012.

SS Council logo JPG

The Nambour Bowls Club duly acknowledges Council's financial support for the Club by way of a successful Minor Grant aimed at assisting with the replacement of key items of furniture and facilities and restoring its sporting and administration facilities. (2012)

The Nambour Bowls Club acknowledges the support of the Queensland Government and its Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing through the special "Disaster Recovery Program" in financing the replacement of important items of furniture, appliances and sporting equipment. These items form an integral part of the Club's role in getting more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation. (2012)

Water and Sewerage Funding Program 2012/13 

Sunshine Coast Council's program targeted at eligible not-for-profit community groups and aimed at alleviating the financial pressure imposed by the increased cost of water and sewerage services.