Coaching & Umpiring


Prospective and new members are encouraged to avail themselves of the services of the Club’s volunteer coaches. Sets of lawn bowls of various sizes and weights are on hand for new players to practice with during this introductory period. The Club has at its disposal a number of well qualified coaches who are willing to assist at a time to suit both parties. All bowlers could benefit from a session or two under the watchful of a coach. If it’s good enough for the top tennis players to each have a personal coach to monitor and improve their game, then mere mortal bowlers might be able to iron out some crinkles in their game too.

The Coaching Team comprises:-

Men         Allan Owen, Neil Brown


Online Coaching Reference Materials

               This website provides a wealth of information and tips for everyone wishing to improve their game.

               A handy resource for coaches and keen bowlers.

               Bringing bowlers and tournaments together.


There is no better way to improve your game and to enhance new skills than by practicing. Friday afternoons from 1pm are available free of charge for all members wishing to have a roll-up or practice session. One or more of the Club’s coaches is usually on hand during the afternoon. Other times may be arranged by request if Fridays are unsuitable.

Other opportunities to practice and to learn some more of the finer points of the game itself can be had by participating in Beginner Bowls sessions held regularly during the night bowls season. Throughout the year, Club selected days/afternoons are arranged for social and special occasions, visits from other social clubs etc and these offer not only a great opportunity to enjoy a fun game of bowls but also to gain invaluable practice and experience.


Most people find the thought of becoming an umpire one they would rather forget but the simple fact is that rarely can a game of bowls be played without an umpire being designated. It is therefore important that all bowlers become familiar with the common rules of the game and more members consider lightening the umpiring load by taking up the challenge to become a qualified umpire.   

The Umpiring Team comprises:-

Men         Derek Tomkins, Sean O'Donnell


                 "Defining Moments"

The Accredited Measurers include:-

Men        Glen Whitney, Ron Ninness

Ladies     Gayle Morton