Club History

An article in the Nambour Chronicle dated 22 August 1924 indicates that there was community support for a bowling green in town at that time. Suitable land in the vicinity of Maud Street and Reilly Road had been identified and a deposit paid but no further reference to this initiative can be found.

Some eight years later, a meeting of nine men was held in the Maroochy Shire Council Chambers on 3 August 1932 during which a motion “That it is desirable to form a Bowling Club” was moved, seconded and carried. A Site Committee subsequently provided a short list of ten sites from which the first General Meeting of the Nambour Bowling Club on 22 August 1932 elected to negotiate acquisition of the present site and adopt the rules and constitution of the New Farm Bowling Club.

The following principal officers were elected at this meeting.



Vice President



Mr J T Lowe

Mr W McD Whalley

Mr S J Hobson

Mr N C Owens

Mr V Charker

Messrs Lowe, Whalley and Hobson were elected as Trustees for the new club.

In a little over one month, rapid progress with the construction of the green had been made under the direction of Mr J T Lowe who was responsible for locating all the necessary materials for filling and drainage and any timber required. It was decided to build four 20ft rinks, a makeshift soil shed and tool room. By 1 November, the first two rinks were almost ready for planting of grass and it was resolved to proceed with the preparation of a further two rinks. Shortly afterwards, the first clubhouse was built by Bill Lanham at a cost of £128 and another milestone was achieved with the completion of the first green in 1934.

The need for and desirability of extending the opportunity for ladies to play lawn bowls soon became apparent and a meeting of interested parties on 19 November 1937 resolved to form a ladies bowling club.

Official Opening of Clubhouse in 1933 The Arrival of the Ladies’ Club

By 1945, thoughts of a second green dominated discussions as members quite often could not get a game. On some occasions, members would play until afternoon tea and then withdraw to allow the overflow to have a game after the break. Membership had reached the maximum of 80 in the following year and it became necessary to draw up a “stand down” roster on Saturdays to cater for the demand. The second green became a reality with its official opening on 17 April 1948.

With increasing numbers of male and female members, the modest clubhouse which had been constructed near the creek bank (Showgrounds side of bottom green) had become inadequate. On 31 October 1953, a new highset clubhouse (present location) was officially opened and the old building dismantled and sold for its quality timber. A full width balcony was later added followed by an enclosure below to accommodate an extension of the bar.

1934 - View from Gympie Road (Coronation Ave) towards Showgrounds 1959 - View of new clubhouse and greens 1967 - View of clubhouse following extensions and upper viewing area

Since the very beginning, Nambour’s bowling greens have been regarded among the best in southeast Queensland. Over the years, greenkeepers and club officials have struggled against many odds to protect this image with droughts and floods dropping in from time to time. The Wet Wednesday flood of 22 June 1983 ranks highest with the 250mm of rain falling within 3 hours inundating the greens and flushing dirty water to a depth of 162cm throughout the clubhouse.

“The Depths of Despair”

The year of 1989 signalled the installation of night lighting and the beginning of another chapter in lawn bowls at Nambour. Night bowls has allowed working families to enjoy the sport while school children also have opportunities to participate through their sporting curriculum. The Men’s and Ladies’ Clubs have since been amalgamated into one, ensuring equality for all. From a club principally operating on Saturdays for the benefit of working men, today the Nambour Bowls Club caters for everyone in the community offering opportunities to play day and night throughout the week.