Weekly Report - 7th October 2018
Regular Events

Wednesday Jackpot Pairs 3rd October:
Nev & Robyn Perren
2w + 14 on count back
Runners up:  Bill Roberts & Ron Abraham +11

Saturday Mufti Jackpot Pairs 6th October:
  Les Groves & Marg Thorogood + 13 first game due to washout
Runners up: Jean & Ian Schumacher - drawn from cards
Mystery Prize: Judy Silwood & Phil Sinclair

Mens Div 2 Pennants

Çongratulations to the Men's Division 2 side which secured Runners-up in the finals on Saturday 22nd September. In the morning game the side managed to prevail against the Tewantin Noosa side which had been the leader all season, but could not manage to beat the Pacific Paradise side in the afternoon final. The Nambour side was languishing at the  bottom of the ladder early in the season, but fought back well to finish in second spot.

Above, Warren Wylie, Marty Paulsen, Les Ingle, Max Middleton, Derek Tomkins, Gerry Petersen, Ian Hatch, Michael Craigie, Bill Roberts, Ralph Wells, Robert Combes & Graham Morton. The side was well supported during the season by other players including Les Groves, Lyle Gibson & Peter Thow.

Mixed Championships

The draw sheet for the Mixed Pairs Championship is now on the board. Games are scheduled to start on the weekend of 29th September. A copy of the draw and results to date is available by clicking here.

Round 1:
Chris Tomkins & Trent Schumacher def Judy Silwood & John Scotney 21-19
Yvonne Yaxley & Ian Wood def Jill Schumacher & Derek Tomkins 21-10
Claudia Cartwright & Ralph Wells def Kerry McIlveen & Ken Hosking 26-5
Faye & Robert Combes def Margaret & Les Groves 23-16
Dorothy Kelly & Lex Campbell def Sharyn Firth & Lyle Gibson 27-10
Bev & Neil Krome def Joy & Ian Hatch 23-22Bev & Neil Krome def Joy & Ian Hatch 23-22
Joy & Neil Brown def Marg Thorogood & Marty Paulsen 27-11
Gayle & Graham Morton def Judy Stephenson & Jim Hope 28-11
Round 2:
Faye & Robert Combes def Dorothy Kelly & Lex Campbell  26-10
Yvonne Yaxley & Ian Wood def Bev & Neil Krome 24-12

Ladies' Events

Social bowls will be held each Thursday for singles, pairs, triples or scroungers, play starts at 8:30am. Games conclude at approx 11.30 followed by late morning tea.

Green fees $5.  Names on the board please. While these events are organised by the Ladies' Section, Men are most welcome to participate.

Thursday 4th October Ladies Day

Judy Silwood & Helen Ingle def Jenny Whitelaw, Leslie Roach 13-11
Faye Combes & Dorothy Kelly drew with Val Stone & Maureen Holland 12-12

Ladies' Triples Championship
Heather Abraham, Margaret Groves & Fran Connors def Judy Stephenson, Yvonne Yaxley & Gayle Morton 28-14

Ladies' Division 2 Pennant Flag

Congratulations to the Ladies' Division2 Pennant winners.

Team Members: June Robson. Sharyn Firth, Claudia Cartwright, Kerrin Cook, Leslie Leech, Joy Hatch, Helen Ingle and Gayle Morton.

Monday & Tuesday September 17-18th 80th Anniversary Fiesta

28 teams of four Lady Bowlers took part in this historic event. Kind weather, excellent organisation and catering ensured that all the participants had a great time. The event was well supported by sponsors and many teams and players took home valuable prizes from games and raffles.

Gregson & Weight, Easy Travel, Sanctuary Park Retirement Community, Mavis Balkin, Hammond Optometry
Nambour Heights Butchery, Nambour Amcal Chemist, Woolworths, Beefy's Pies
Bowlers'Paradise, Walk on Wheels and several Club Members.

Winners: Jennie Smith, Daphne Read, Yvonne Ambrey & Claudia Cartwright 5w + 52
2nd: Ellen Ross, Marianne Kuenzle, Jo Inch & Ann Dorreen 4w1d +46
3rd: Val Robertson, Coleen Dobson, Krys Gerick & Janelle Walker 4w + 30
4th: Neeta Chant, Mary Geary, Jan Davidson & Desley Williams 4w + 28
5th: Carolyn McLeod, Jill Barrett, Carol Rushton & Wendy Smedley 4w + 16
6th: Pam Strijland, Pat Bethke, Bev Ziesmer & Donna Dan 4w + 13
Day 1 Prize: Robin McAnelly, Mary Ross, Evelyn Coghlan & Colleen Studley
Day 2 Prize: Judith Boakes, Val Bush, Julie Boyer & Sandra Boyce

Above: the winners, Jennie, Yvonne, Daphne & Claudia with the Games Director Joy Brown. Congratulations Ladies.

Special Events -

Weekly Scheduled Events - All Welcome

Thursdays 8.30am - Ladies - Club Selected- Ladies and Men including visitors most welcome

Wednesdays 12.30pm  - Open Pairs

Saturdays 8.30am - Mufti Open Pairs

Tuesday Evenings 6.30pm - Club selected Pairs

Special Events -

Coming Soon

2018 Calendar

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Sunday October 28th - Scorpio Day Open Fours 

This annual event includes breakfast, lunch and 3 games of 16 ends. To view or print a flier click here.

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